Six Flags Arlington Registration Form 2020

May 2 May 9 May 16

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The undersigned customer (Group) and Royal Music and Travel (Provider) enter this contract and agree to the following terms and conditions:

REGISTRATION FEES are due with the application.  REGISTRATION FEES are non-refundable.

Registration Fees are as follows: $225.00 for the first group

$150.00 for each additional group

All payments should be made to and mailed to:

Royal Music and Travel, LLC

PO Box 531386

Harlingen, Texas 78553

1.1    FESTIVAL FEES will be invoiced according to the number of students attending the festival.

1.2    Payment IN FULL must be received 21 days prior to the commencement of the festival.

1.3    If payments are not made according to the payment schedule, performance may be cancelled.  The  Provider reserves the right to withhold any and all services for non-payment.  Performances may be reinstated by the Provider, at its option, upon receipt of payment.  This may affect the availability of goods and services.

1.4    To receive a refund for non-attending students, a FINAL COUNT of students attending must be received in writing by Provider no later than 21 days prior to the commencement of the festival.  Refunds will be mailed after the festival.

1.5    Any cancellations 21 days prior to the event will be non-refundable.

2.1    ALL PAYMENTS must be made in $USD.

2.2    All reservations are subject to cancellation by the Provider, or its suppliers, without refund of deposit, if payments are not received 21 days prior to festival date.

2.3    The Provider assumes no responsibility in the event of cancellation by a supplier in the event of non-payment.

3.1    The Provider shall not be held liable, in whole or part, for any damage or injury to persons or property, including damages arising from acts of negligence by any vendor or member of a Group.  The Group accepts responsibility for all monetary or property damages caused by its members.

3.2    The Provider shall not be responsible for events beyond its control, such as, without limitation, acts of God, strikes, acts of war or terrorism, government restrictions, or for acts of omissions of persons or companies not controlled by the Provider, such as, without limitation, air carriers, bus companies, railways, hotels, vendors and attractions.  The Provider and its officers, directors, employees, and agents are hereby released from all claims arising out of such events, acts, or omissions.

4.      All cancellations and changes, including number of participants, chaperones, sponsors, must be submitted in writing.   The date of which the changes/cancellations are received by the Provider is the date of which the charges will be based.


Thank You